Thursday, October 11, 2007

Week 3 Pictures!

We've finally got some pictures up! I've included a good number of them to give those of you who aren't part of the dig and reading this blog (hopefully there are a few of you!) a visual account so that you may live vicariously through us, or just have an idea of what excavating "Elephant Station" is like.

Above: The middle of Elephant Station ( pits M5 and M9)

Above: Looking into Team Tiny's pit (M4)

Above: Losing half of the aptly named Team Tiny into the recesses of their test pit (M4)

Above: Chris Ames working on mapping the site with the temperamental total station

Above: Team Pterodactyl working on test pit M9

Above: Working away

Above: Expanding the Watusi pit (M5)

Above: The Watusi horn in test pit M5

Above: A phalange from the articulated Watusi toe found in test pit M5

Above: Monkey Mandible in (I believe) test pit M12 found by Team Funky Monkey (formerly known as loser)

Above: This picture had to be included for obvious reasons

Above: Here you can sort-of see the edge of the house (where the grass is no longer flat!) and also a bit of the wooden "floor"

That's it for now, next time site pictures should be included in the initial post.

Cheers, Team Rhinocer-Awesome

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