Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pictures: Week 4

Blogger is being problematic at the moment, so I wasn't able to put up all the pictures I wanted to. I'll post the rest later.

Above: When we got to the site, it was so wet that the watusi pit had become this guy's private swimming pool.

Above: Liz bucketing litres and litres of water out of one of the pits.

Above: This picture provides a good layout of the watusi pit (drained, in the middle), and the possible elephant pit in the back (where all the people are).

Above: Magic may very well be somewhere down there. This is before we found any decomposing flesh, although we could definitely smell it.

Above: The watusi pit. Note the line, just right of the horn, that distinguishes the natural deposition from the more disturbed soil where the watusi is. That line was probably the edge of the pit they dumped the cow in.

Above: What we assume to be magic. The white is probably skin, and while there isn't a lot visible in this picture, it stretched to cover most of the bottom of pit M-9.

Above: Giles, the only one of us brave enough to dip their head below the surface of M-9 and excavate. The methane was so strong that it eventually became too difficult for him to breathe.

Above: Chris and his perpetual companion, the total station.

That's all now, hopefully more later.
The Watusi (?) Team

EXCITING UPDATE: You've seen the best, now for the rest (I kid, they're all good):

Above: You can see some of the watusi skull here, as well as the base of the horn.

Above: A good view of the ribs (at the back) in position with the watusi horn. There's a solid chance that we're going to find most (if not all, knock on wood) of the watusi skeleton.

Above: A better picture of the partially exposed ribs.

Above: Ben working with the total station prism. To get measurements, the total station fires a laser into the lens in the middle of the X and records the distance in three dimensions from the prism to the station itself.

Above: Extending the possible Magic pit into a possible Magic trench.

Above: Working away at the watusi pit and doing some total station measurements.

Above: Another nice day out at the dig. Hopefully we'll keep having them, although something makes me doubt it.

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