Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pictures: Week 2

Better late than never, pictures from Week 2.

Above: Taking a look into a pit. Obviously, something in there is pretty interesting, although I can't remember what.

Above: Working away in the mud. Buckets were necessary to drain the pits of groundwater.

Above: Professor Costopoulos examining something. Once again, there's no doubt that it was deeply fascinating.

Above: Dario, his hat, and a large, muddy vertebra.

Above: Sue and a different large, muddy vertebra.

Above: More intense examination, this time of something Cameron found.

Above: Ben digging a test pit. Already, the hole had filled to the brim with water.

Above: The partial maxilla that we found near the watusi. We don't know for sure whether it's associated with the horn yet or not.

Above: The watusi horn, just as we were uncovering it. It's quite large, and so at first we weren't sure whether it was a tusk or not.

Above: Professor Costopoulos talking with the Parc Safari representative. He seemed about as surprised as we were about everything we found, which is not particularly reassuring.

Above: The site. Not bad for an graveyard/dung pit.

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